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Moving My Blog!!

I want to thank you all for reading and following my blog. I have moved my blog to worpress.org. The new url is http://www.inspiredhealthcoaching.com/2012/

Please join me there!!


Diets Don’t Work

Open up any magazine, especially the ones targeting women, and you will find the perfect diet. Even physicians have bought into the concept of eating “special” food to lose weight. Anyone who is overweight, eats more than they’d like, craves sugar or other foods will never be successful long-term from dieting. That’s why we still have so many overweight people. There is NO magic pill. I lived it, learned it and now teach it. I’d love to hear what you think…

The Snack Attack Hour

Do you know what time of day is the most likely time you’ll eat sugary snacks or some kind of junk food? 3:00 pm… Your energy is waning and a candy bar would boost it up, wouldn’t it? Don’t send your blood sugar spiking, only to have it nose dive, leaving you feeling worse. Keep nuts and fruit in your desk for a quick snack… protein and fiber. What else could you plan for a snack?

Lose Weight the French Way

The French eat rich foods and drink lots of wine, yet don’t gain weight. Do you want to know their secrets? They focus on quality not quantity. Their portions are smaller, their food is fresh from local markets and they sit down to each meal to actually focus on the food and take their time. No rushing for them. Americans typically eat huge portions of processed food while watching TV, using the computer or cell phone and so quickly they hardly remember what they ate. Which one sounds most appealing to you?

The 2012 Health Shift

What is one change you can make in 2012 that will move you towards a healthier lifestyle? What one thing can you do that will make you feel better? Remember to make it something you can incorporate into your life as a daily practice, not for 2 weeks. Start simple, such as a nutritious breakfast everyday that you really enjoy… maybe a breakfast burrito with eggs, salsa, low-fat cheese in a whole wheat wrap. Or taking 5 minutes everyday to practice mindfulness meditation. What will be your investment in your health?

Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings can make even the strongest person appear to have no control. When you understand what causes this intense desire, you can more effectively take charge. For those that crave the sweet stuff, triggers from previous experiences release dopamine, the “feel good” neurotransmitter, causing this longing that it very difficult to overcome with sheer willpower. Triggers can be places, emotions, people, bodily sensations such as pain, just to name a few. What do you think is the first step in handling a trigger?

Mindful Eating or Diets

Do you have rules about how much to eat, when to eat and how much you should weigh or do you listen to your body? Mindful eating is about attention and intention… paying close attention to your hunger signals and stopping when just full enough and the intention of fully enjoying each bite. No strict rules, measurements, scales… yet if you need to lose weight, you do. Which sounds better to you? Dieting or mindful eating?