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Are You More Prone to Stress?

Certain characteristic traits may make you more prone to perceiving stressors. Do you catastrophize situations- expecting the worst-case scenario? Do you should all over yourself- having a rigid list of shoulds and should nots and feeling miserable if you don’t follow it? These are just a couple of the traits that will make you more stressed than your laid back friend. As always, awareness is the first step. Then learning to take charge of your stress is next. How do you manage your stress?


Slow Down Your Mornings

If you start your morning rushing and frazzled, it can set the mood for the day. Awaken to an alarm that simulates the sunrise or sounds of nature. Sit on the edge of the bed and express gratitude for at least one thing. Stand up and do a gentle, slow stretch while taking a nice deep breath. The night before you set out everything you needed to get out the door smoothly… outfit, breakfast makings, work bag, lunch, keys… Life is choices. What can you choose to do differently in the morning?

The 2012 Health Shift

What is one change you can make in 2012 that will move you towards a healthier lifestyle? What one thing can you do that will make you feel better? Remember to make it something you can incorporate into your life as a daily practice, not for 2 weeks. Start simple, such as a nutritious breakfast everyday that you really enjoy… maybe a breakfast burrito with eggs, salsa, low-fat cheese in a whole wheat wrap. Or taking 5 minutes everyday to practice mindfulness meditation. What will be your investment in your health?

The Gift of Silence

Give your body and your mind the gift of silence. Each day, for as long as possible, turn off your cell, TV, fax, landline, washer, dryer and any other noise-making machine. In the study done at Cornell, low-level noise caused office workers to experience significantly higher levels of stress than those allowed to work in a quiet office for 3 hours. The quiet increased their problem-solving abilities too. Peace and quiet… doesn’t that sound wonderful? How long each day can take a quiet break?

Stress Backache

If you’ve been experiencing a backache, chronic stress could be the cause. Unless you have done something to injure your back, it may be the response of your back muscles to tension. Instead of their normal contracting and relaxing state, when you are tense, muscles can contract tightly causing spasms. When you are stressed, you also deal with pain less effectively. Besides relaxation techniques (always important), walking will help alleviate the discomfort.

Speak Softly and Be Calm

Even if you are not feeling calm, speak softly and more slowly and you will begin to feel less stressed and more relaxed. When you speak quickly and loudly, your energy is distressed and anxious, making it difficult for you and those around you to be calm. You’ll be amazed how that one conscious change shifts your feelings. The body/mind connection… our body reactions convince our mind “all is good”. Try it the next time you are tense and stressed.

Clutter-free and Stress-free

When you arrive home after a stressful day, your home should be your sanctuary of calm and peace. But if clutter is the first thing you see, it may be difficult to kick back and relax. Make it easy to be neat and organized with a place to unload everything as you walk through the door. Where do you hang your keys, put your mail, post notes of things to remember, lay the new magazines and newspapers? Once you get a system in place, no clutter dumped at the door and no searching for keys and papers.