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Family and Friends

We have all heard the saying that no man is an island and those who surround themselves with friends and family enjoy both physical and emotional benefits. People who are socially engaged are happier, live longer and have better brain health. Having the love and support of family or close friends builds trust, encouragement, caring, empathy and a sense of comfort. When I am grieving, my honey gently holds me; when I need someone to listen to my chatter, my daughter is always there. Who is your anchor?


Turn Your Mood Around

If you are feeling overwhelmed at work (and we all have those days), you can make a few choices: you can moan and groan to your colleague, send a complaining text to your spouse or you can turn your mood around.
On your next break, listen to some upbeat music; at lunch, take a brisk walk outside, even if it’s cold; do some stretches and breathe; play a game on your phone (but keep track of your time) or call a friend to meet you after work for fun time to recharge. What works for you?

Confident Posture = the Right Decision

Mom was right… good posture is important. But mom probably didn’t know all of the benefits. A study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, evaluated the role of slouching (doubtful posture) vs. sitting up straight (confident posture) and determined that sitting upright gave participants more confidence in decisions and direction of thoughts. So when you have important decisions to make or want to feel more self-assured, check your posture. Is your spine straight, feet on the floor, chest out, shoulders back?

Slow Down Your Mornings

If you start your morning rushing and frazzled, it can set the mood for the day. Awaken to an alarm that simulates the sunrise or sounds of nature. Sit on the edge of the bed and express gratitude for at least one thing. Stand up and do a gentle, slow stretch while taking a nice deep breath. The night before you set out everything you needed to get out the door smoothly… outfit, breakfast makings, work bag, lunch, keys… Life is choices. What can you choose to do differently in the morning?

Healthy Popcorn

Popcorn is a healthy, whole grain… as long as it’s made correctly. Microwave popcorn bags may have toxic PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) in the lining that may be absorbed into the food. The EPA has stated that it is likely carcinogenic. Either use an air-popper or cook it the old-fashioned way- in a pot on top of the stove. Sprinkle on a little grated parmesan cheese for a healthy, tasty snack. What seasonings do you add?

Clutter-free and Stress-free

When you arrive home after a stressful day, your home should be your sanctuary of calm and peace. But if clutter is the first thing you see, it may be difficult to kick back and relax. Make it easy to be neat and organized with a place to unload everything as you walk through the door. Where do you hang your keys, put your mail, post notes of things to remember, lay the new magazines and newspapers? Once you get a system in place, no clutter dumped at the door and no searching for keys and papers.

Health Check: Your Kitchen

If you’ve been cleaning up your eating habits and taking better care of your health, don’t forget to have a healthy kitchen too. Non-stick pots and pans can release chemicals that can pose a health risk. Opt for glass, stainless, ceramic or cast iron. If you use non-stick, do not preheat an empty pan, use low-medium heat and choose a heavier pan. Cook slower and lower…