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The Snack Attack Hour

Do you know what time of day is the most likely time you’ll eat sugary snacks or some kind of junk food? 3:00 pm… Your energy is waning and a candy bar would boost it up, wouldn’t it? Don’t send your blood sugar spiking, only to have it nose dive, leaving you feeling worse. Keep nuts and fruit in your desk for a quick snack… protein and fiber. What else could you plan for a snack?


Cutting Sweets in Half… Mindfully Eating Snacks

Mindless eating of snacks and sweets can lead to not only an excess of calories but unwanted pounds. A study published in The Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that cutting candy in half reduced the caloric intake of the participants. Eating smaller pieces slows down the eating process when eating mindfully, so whether it’s candy or your meal, cut it up and take your time. If you’re used to eating handfuls of snacks, eat one piece at a time. This new process will seem foreign at first but will allow you to totally focus on the pleasure of the food. What food do you love to slowly savor?