Monthly Archives: July 2010

Boosting Metabolism

If you are looking for safe ways to boost your metabolism, take these tips from experts Lyssie Lakatos R.D. and Tammy Lakatos Shames R.D. Do 30 minutes or more of aerobic activity at least 4-5 times a week; strength train 3 times a week; don’t wait more than 5 hours between meals and eat breakfast. Heard those from me before?


Weight and Sleep

Did you know that the hormones that regulate appetite are affected by sleep? In studies, people who slept 5 hours or less had higher levels of ghrelin- the hormone that stimulates hunger, and lower levels of leptin- the hormone that suppresses appetite, than those who slept 8 hours per night. If weight control is your priority, make sleep your priority.

Fitting in Exercise

How can you fit exercise into your already crammed schedule? Ask yourself this question…how important a priority is to you to be fit, protect your heart, bones, health? Schedule it into your calendar (blackberry,droid,etc) like you would any other appointment, even if it is only 20 minutes a day, until it becomes part of your practice. Your body, your emotions and your sleep will benefit!

Simplify Your Life

Begin to decrease stress by simplifying and de-cluttering your life and mind. Clear the clutter, one room at a time- give to those more needy than you. Switch off the media because being flooded with even entertaining stimuli is stress. Clear your calendar- don’t schedule every minute of every day. Stop multitasking- recent research shows it’s not so efficient. Enjoy living a simpler life!

Genetically Modified Foods

Are you eating GM foods? Do you know how foods are genetically modified? It’s when 1 gene from a plant, animal or microorganism is inserted into the DNA of another. The goal is to improve a certain characteristic of a food, such as making it grow faster, resist disease, be more nutritious,etc. This has been going on for over a decade and the debate is whether it is necessary, helpful or even safe. What do you think?

Lack of Energy

Instead of reaching for java when you need a quick boost, address the lack of energy through natural means. Eat things like beans that are rich in fiber, which slow the release of insulin, causing a steady state of energy, or steel cut or Irish oatmeal, that helps keep blood sugar stable. Since even slight dehydration can cause fatigue, drink water thoughout the day, but avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks.

Stress and Body Scan

Stress is our perception of the external event or circumstance and how we react to it. How does it affect your body? Sometimes we are not aware of the physical responses in our body. To learn how you are affected, do a body scan: sit or lie quietly and begin slow abdominal breathing. Starting at your feet, working slowly up your body, scan each body part for all sensations. Are they tight, sore?