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If you could change one thing about your health, what would it be? Call for a complimentary exploratory session at 1-888-963-9963.


Today’s Health Tip

Writing down what you eat helps with a good weight loss plan. Hate to do that? Take a photo with your phone each time you eat- visual diary!


The Circle of Life Coaching Series is a 6-week health and wellness group-coaching course designed to assist participants with creating a personal health action plan and a self-empowerment system that will effectively provide the support you need to achieve the positive results in your health, finances, career, relationships and more. This series will give you the encouragement, support and accountability you need in order to finally realize an improved lifestyle and health that before now you may have had a challenge accomplishing on your own.

Some of the benefits for participating in the Circle of Life Program: *Look and feel great inside and out  *Increased stamina, vitality, strength and flexibility  *Feel calm, centered, clear-minded and positive  *A designed work environment in which you can grow and thrive  *A life in alignment with your values and vision

Program to start October 17th   ***Earlybird special $199.00 until 9/30    Call 1-888-963-9963 or