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The Next Meal is Coming

We all have different patterns of hunger, but if you eat three healthy meals and plan 2-3 snacks to eat when your body needs the energy, you will always know another meal/snack is coming and not be so tempted to overeat “to hold you over”. Make sure to plan ahead for those crazy days and keep nutritious snack foods in small containers. A trigger for overeating is getting too hungry, but you can prevent that with pre-planning and a good grocery list. What can you add to this week’s grocery list for snacks?


Best Food for Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is to satisfy a need other than hunger, but before you grab any sweet or salty snack, follow the advice offered by Michelle May, MD. Ask yourself the Four-Really Test: Do I really, really, really, really want this? If you do, eat it bite by bite, ever so slowly, enjoying it’s taste, texture and aroma. If you eat something you don’t really want, you’ll eat more of it because it’s not satisfying. What is your favorite feel-good food?

Mindful Eating

What did you eat for your last meal? Do you remember everything on your plate? If not, you probably were distracted. The best way to change your eating patterns, to eat just the right amount to nourish your body and truly enjoy every bite is through mindful eating. The first step is to remove all distractions… no computer, TV, cell phone, magazine, etc. while eating. Have you been focusing only on your food?

Eat Less with Aromatherapy

Here’s an interesting use for vanilla extract that may help you to eat less. Inhaling the aroma of the extract right before eating a meal can fool your brain into thinking you’ve eaten more than you actually have. Alan Hirsch M.D., founder of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation states that smelling the aroma helps you to lose your sensory excitement earlier and cues your body to feel content sooner, so you end up eating less. Interesting… I am going to try it. How about anyone else?

Mirror Eating

Single people don’t have this issue, but after marriage or living together, we begin to eat like our partners. So if your guy eats big greasy burgers and fries and shuns veggies, you begin to mirror this eating pattern. If you were a very healthy eater, will your spouse begin to mirror your eating? Yes, we do mirror each other to a degree. Again, it’s all about awareness… if you consciously stick to your healthy eating and resolve not to pick up your honey’s habits, he/she may pick up some of your good ones! If you have children, what do you want to model for them??

Serve from the Kitchen & Eat Less

Keep the food on the counter or stove in the kitchen and fill your plate from there. Bringing the food into the dining room will likely mean a 19% increase in the amount of food that you will consume. According to Brian Wansink, PhD, author of Mindless Eating, having food at least 6 feet away gives us a chance to stop and ask if we are really hungry enough to go back for more. Better to be mindful…

Changing Your Bad Eating Habits

Identifying your challenge areas in eating will benefit you in changing those habits. Do you stuff yourself at meals? Do you eat quickly at your desk? Do you dine out often, choosing high-fat, high-calorie meals? Do you snack frequently, even though you’re not really hungry? You may fit into one or more of these areas. Keep track by writing down what you eat, who you are with and what you were feeling at the time… for just 3 days. What will you find?