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Fullness or Satiety

Do you think fullness and satiety are the same? The physical weight of food in our stomach, that is about the size of our clenched fist, is fullness. But… the emotional experience is satiety that equals satisfaction. That is why we are not satisfied with lettuce, even if we eat a very large bowl. It is also the reason we occasionally have difficulty “satisfying” our hunger, going from fridge to cabinet to freezer back to fridge. We are attempting to fill an emotional hunger. Some foods fill and satisfy us (and they can be nutritious too. Do you have any foods like that? Here’s a photo of mine…


Peppermint and Hunger

Just as the aroma of food wafting through the air can entice us to eat, smelling peppermint can distract you from hunger and you tend to eat less. A study done by psychologist Bryan Raudenbush, a professor at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia, concluded that peppermint scent may also control cravings from emotional hunger. Eating peppermint candy or chewing gum does not work, so use peppermint oil.

Emotional Hunger

When you head into the kitchen in the evening for something to snack on, are you really hungry? If your belly is empty and grumbling, eat something you enjoy that also nourishes your body. But if the “hunger” developed suddenly and you have a “taste” for something, rather than a true hunger, ask yourself what you are really feeding. Are you bored, anxious, tired, upset? Emotional hunger is not even satisfied by food, so what can you do instead?