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Relax with Yoga

Some people begin yoga for the health benefits and some for the calming, relaxing effect. I find yoga to be almost like a meditative practice. I gain strength, flexibility and relaxation. It can be intimidating to those who have never tried it… looking at photos of people twisted like pretzels, especially for men. It’s more important to honor your body and only do what is comfortable for you. If you’re not ready to start a class, try a video in the comfort of your home. Yoga for Stress Relief & Flexibility by Ashley Turner gives clear instruction and her voice is so calming. Have you tried yoga and did it relax you?


Body Scan Meditation

If you think meditation is only sitting with a quiet mind, try this technique. Sit comfortably or lie down and breathe slowly and deeply for a couple of minutes. Start to scan your body, focusing your attention on each body part from the top of your head all the way day to your toes. Notice any sensations in each body part, whether it’s discomfort, tight muscles, warmth or relaxation. When you find an area of discomfort or tension, imagine breathing warm or relaxation into that area. What area might be tense or uncomfortable in your body scan__________?

Improve Your Memory

If you want to improve your memory and focus, try a walk in the park or looking at pictures of nature on your computer. According to psychologists at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, interacting with nature, whether outside or viewing pictures increases memory performance and attention span by 20%. Walking in an urban area apparently doesn’t have the same benefit, but walking in nature, whether it’s summer or winter, can have similar effects as meditating. Where can you walk?


Loneliness Cure

When you’re feeling lonely and disconnected, a heating pad or warm bath just might be the cure. Research results from John A. Bargh and Idit Shalev of Yale University indicate that the early childhood experiences of physically being held close and psychological warmth of love, trust and support contribute to the tight connection to physical warmth. So turn on the warm shower and hop in. Have you used warming techniques to feel better?


Stop Worrying

Round and round your head they go… thoughts and worries just keep swirling, preventing you from focusing on anything. When you are having one of those days when no solution makes a clear entrance into your scattered mind… STOP. The uncomfortable feeling from the anxiety over what to do next can be short-circuited if you sit down and write out your thoughts/worries on paper: pros and cons, research needed yet, resources on hand, etc. The process of writing out your thoughts helps to clarify and organize the jumble in your head. How do you manage those days?


Are You A People Watcher?

Are you a people watcher or do you rush around super focused on your tasks and stuck “in your own head”? One of the pleasures and perks of watching people, not in a leering, judging kind of way, but observing in a non-judgmental way, is the many things you can learn. Observe how they respond to stressful circumstances, difficult people; how they communicate, work, eat, shop and treat their children. From our observations, we can reflect on our own behavior and determine if we like what choices we have made or if we want to make changes. Are you a people watcher?


Sleep-inducing Ear Rubbing

If you’re lying in bed attempting to drift off to dream land after a very hectic, harried day, you may want to try this technique. The ears have reflexology points, like feet that correspond to body parts. Rubbing your ears can be very calming, relaxing and help you to sleep. Using your thumb and index fingers, gently rub your ears for 1-2 minutes from top to bottom. Bonus: add some deep belly breathing. See you in the morning…