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The Next Meal is Coming

We all have different patterns of hunger, but if you eat three healthy meals and plan 2-3 snacks to eat when your body needs the energy, you will always know another meal/snack is coming and not be so tempted to overeat “to hold you over”. Make sure to plan ahead for those crazy days and keep nutritious snack foods in small containers. A trigger for overeating is getting too hungry, but you can prevent that with pre-planning and a good grocery list. What can you add to this week’s grocery list for snacks?


What Did You Have For Lunch Today?

What did you have for breakfast today? How about lunch? Did you enjoy those meals and did they leave you feeling totally satisfied and full? If you ate mindfully, noticing the aroma, taste, texture and color of each food, you not only enjoyed your meal but you were totally satisfied and can remember each thing you ate. When we are distracted by a computer, TV, reading, cell phone or any activity that removes our attention from the process of eating, we don’t listen to our bodies hunger and fullness cues, making us at risk for overeating. The taste/enjoyment level is diminished unless you focus on the food and savor each bite. Did you focus on your lunch today?

Do You Love Your Food?

Did you ever eat food that you didn’t really love? Maybe you thought you’d like it, but it didn’t taste quite as yummy as you expected, but you ate it anyway. Consciously choose to eat only the foods you really love, when you are physically hungry and stopping before you reach total fullness. If you only love sweets, you obviously need to choose some healthy foods that you like (you can’t dislike them all) but don’t waste calories on foods you don’t really enjoy. My favorite food is my husband’s spicy chili. What is your favorite food?

Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings can make even the strongest person appear to have no control. When you understand what causes this intense desire, you can more effectively take charge. For those that crave the sweet stuff, triggers from previous experiences release dopamine, the “feel good” neurotransmitter, causing this longing that it very difficult to overcome with sheer willpower. Triggers can be places, emotions, people, bodily sensations such as pain, just to name a few. What do you think is the first step in handling a trigger?

Afternoon Energy Slump

It strikes about the same time every day… 2-4 pm. Your energy is wearing down and you are craving something sweet to eat to keep your head from dropping on your desk. Research shows this is the time that we have a mini-dip in core body temperature, similar to the bigger one we experience at night. To combat this, eat protein and fiber for lunch, take an energy break (stretches, quick walk, flight of stairs) and plan a complex carb and protein snack- whole wheat crackers and peanut butter, string cheese and fruit.

Preserving Muscle with Protein

Eating protein and fiber with each meal is a recommendation that I make for everyone that provides a feeling of fullness. A study done at the University of Illinois published in The Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, suggests that eating protein may preserve muscle loss in dieting postmenopausal women. It helps keep the amount of fat in relation to muscle in better proportion. The study also indicated that the increased muscle improved balance and performance. What are your favorite sources of protein?

Hot Dogs & Diabetes Risk

We love our hot dogs on the grill in the summer, but if you missed the news report, the Harvard School of Public Health scientists published their research results. Eating a 2-oz. serving a day of processed meat increases the risk of diabetes by 50% and eating a 4-oz serving a day of red meat (beef, pork or lamb) increases the risk by 20%. The good news- substitute nuts, whole grains and low-fat dairy and decrease the risk by 16-35%. The sodium, nitrites and nitrates in the processed meats increase the risk factor. Marinated chicken on the grill is sounding good!