The Next Meal is Coming

We all have different patterns of hunger, but if you eat three healthy meals and plan 2-3 snacks to eat when your body needs the energy, you will always know another meal/snack is coming and not be so tempted to overeat “to hold you over”. Make sure to plan ahead for those crazy days and keep nutritious snack foods in small containers. A trigger for overeating is getting too hungry, but you can prevent that with pre-planning and a good grocery list. What can you add to this week’s grocery list for snacks?


11 responses to “The Next Meal is Coming

  1. i’m a fan of shredded skim-mozza cheese. you throw it into a tiny tupperware and it’s a good low-cal snack. i also love almonds, a FEW cashews, seeds, raisins, and peanut butter is a real treat. 🙂 mmmm mmmmm.

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  8. I always get some Nakd raw fruit and nut bars. They count as one of your five a day and are a delicious snack. I totally like the banana bread bar….

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