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Awake in the Middle of the Night

If you awaken in the middle of the night and have difficulty returning to sleep, instead of worrying about how tired you’ll feel in the morning, try this more effective technique. Make relaxation your only goal, not sleep. Total relaxation can rejuvenate your body and calm your mind. Use visualization, progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing or meditation or a combination of all. You will feel so much more rested than lying there stressing about how little sleep you are getting. What has worked for you?

Sleep Well Tonight

We all awaken several times during the night, but some of us aren’t even aware because we drift right back to sleep. But there are some who have difficulty getting back to sleep. Turn the clock away from your bed so you are not tempted to keep checking the time. Not only does this induce more anxiety about not being able to sleep, but it sends a signal to your brain to wake up. Better yet, keep it covered all the time to eliminate the glow of light that has been shown to alter the cycles of some light sleepers. What is your night-time sleep secret for better sleep?

Sleep-inducing Ear Rubbing

If you’re lying in bed attempting to drift off to dream land after a very hectic, harried day, you may want to try this technique. The ears have reflexology points, like feet that correspond to body parts. Rubbing your ears can be very calming, relaxing and help you to sleep. Using your thumb and index fingers, gently rub your ears for 1-2 minutes from top to bottom. Bonus: add some deep belly breathing. See you in the morning…

The 2012 Health Shift

What is one change you can make in 2012 that will move you towards a healthier lifestyle? What one thing can you do that will make you feel better? Remember to make it something you can incorporate into your life as a daily practice, not for 2 weeks. Start simple, such as a nutritious breakfast everyday that you really enjoy… maybe a breakfast burrito with eggs, salsa, low-fat cheese in a whole wheat wrap. Or taking 5 minutes everyday to practice mindfulness meditation. What will be your investment in your health?

Holiday Traditions

The malls are packed, the highways are busy and people are getting cranky from tension to get all the holiday “to-do’s” accomplished. To get back to the simpler, less stressful holiday times, rekindle some of your family’s traditions as a focus, rather than the hustle and bustle of “spend all you can”, hit every party and have the most up-to-date decorations. We hang a very special ornament on our tree every year that belonged to my husband when he was a little boy. He would lay under the tree and blow under the bottom of the ornament and watch with delight as it spun around inside. What tradition do you follow?

Sleepless Nights

While we all have those nights when something disturbs our normal sleep pattern, some have frequent difficulty sleeping. And if they are light sleepers, every noise arouses them when they do drift off. If you have a loved one who suffers nightly, you may want to buy this holiday gift: Brookstone’s Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound Therapy System. Not a typical white noise machine, it’s based on over 20 years of scientific research to help you achieve deeper states of sleep. Although it’s not cheap at $129.95, the reviews are almost all 5 stars and the technology is quite convincing.