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Kissing or a Snack

If you are attempting to replace that evening snack with another “feel good” distraction, try kissing. Whenever we change a behavior that is done mostly out of habit or triggered by emotion, the best way to stop is to replace it with another healthier option. Eating provides a temporary good feeling but adds unnecessary calories. Kissing causes the release of oxytocin and endorphins. Smooch with your honey or child sound better than chips?


Is FLAB Sabotaging Your Eating?

Don’t let FLAB sabotage your efforts to eat healthy foods and listen to your true physical hunger. Before you eat, ask yourself if you are Frustrated, Lonely, Anxious or Bored? Eating in response to an emotion will not satisfy your “hunger” and relieves the unpleasant emotion only temporarily. After, you may feel frustrated for consuming extra, unnecessary calories and the cycle begins. If you answered Yes to the question, what could you do instead of eating?

Cutting Sweets in Half… Mindfully Eating Snacks

Mindless eating of snacks and sweets can lead to not only an excess of calories but unwanted pounds. A study published in The Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that cutting candy in half reduced the caloric intake of the participants. Eating smaller pieces slows down the eating process when eating mindfully, so whether it’s candy or your meal, cut it up and take your time. If you’re used to eating handfuls of snacks, eat one piece at a time. This new process will seem foreign at first but will allow you to totally focus on the pleasure of the food. What food do you love to slowly savor?

Pack the Goodies Away

Food is very abundant throughout the holidays making consuming healthy portions tougher. Do you have candy dishes on display “for company” or plates of cookies for visiting relatives? In studies done by Brian Wansink PhD, of Cornell Food and Brand Lab, visible food triggers are difficult to resist. Unless you want to battle and overeat, don’t leave the food out. Package it up and store it away until company comes to visit. Making it a little less convenient to munch on junk food will save you calories.

Do You Love Your Food?

Did you ever eat food that you didn’t really love? Maybe you thought you’d like it, but it didn’t taste quite as yummy as you expected, but you ate it anyway. Consciously choose to eat only the foods you really love, when you are physically hungry and stopping before you reach total fullness. If you only love sweets, you obviously need to choose some healthy foods that you like (you can’t dislike them all) but don’t waste calories on foods you don’t really enjoy. My favorite food is my husband’s spicy chili. What is your favorite food?

Mindful Eating or Diets

Do you have rules about how much to eat, when to eat and how much you should weigh or do you listen to your body? Mindful eating is about attention and intention… paying close attention to your hunger signals and stopping when just full enough and the intention of fully enjoying each bite. No strict rules, measurements, scales… yet if you need to lose weight, you do. Which sounds better to you? Dieting or mindful eating?

Emotional Hunger

When you head into the kitchen in the evening for something to snack on, are you really hungry? If your belly is empty and grumbling, eat something you enjoy that also nourishes your body. But if the “hunger” developed suddenly and you have a “taste” for something, rather than a true hunger, ask yourself what you are really feeding. Are you bored, anxious, tired, upset? Emotional hunger is not even satisfied by food, so what can you do instead?