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Grateful for Work

We spend many of our waking hours at work. When you got up this morning and hopped into the shower, were you full of anticipation for what the day might bring? Or were you dreading the possibilities? Even if you have the nastiest boss, what perk does your job give you? I am grateful to see the progress each week that my clients are making. Name one thing you can be grateful for today ___________.


Random Acts of Kindness

This week is Random Acts of Kindness Week. Take a few minutes to write a note of appreciation to someone who has done kind things for you… your spouse, child, sibling, parent or friend. It may just make their day. List all the special things about that person that mean so much to you. Transform someone’s day from okay to A-Okay!! Who will you choose?

Are You A People Watcher?

Are you a people watcher or do you rush around super focused on your tasks and stuck “in your own head”? One of the pleasures and perks of watching people, not in a leering, judging kind of way, but observing in a non-judgmental way, is the many things you can learn. Observe how they respond to stressful circumstances, difficult people; how they communicate, work, eat, shop and treat their children. From our observations, we can reflect on our own behavior and determine if we like what choices we have made or if we want to make changes. Are you a people watcher?

Mood Elevator

Your mood depends on your thoughts, so if you tend to focus on the negative, you will have a tougher time being upbeat and in an ideal mood. To help shift that thinking pattern, start writing down 3 things each night that went well for you during the day. They do not have to be monumental things, but something as simple as finding the perfect gift for Uncle Bob for Christmas or getting the kids to daycare and to work on time. If you have children, start the tradition of asking them to share 3 things that went well for them that day. Focus on the positive things in your life… the change is miraculous!

Happiness in the Present

If you are waiting for happiness to come your way, take a tip from those who intuitively know that it’s your thoughts and your behavior that determine whether you share that blissful feeling. Live for the present moment, taking time to notice all the positive things, people and events that cross your path and don’t waste precious time worrying about the future or reliving past hurts. You may miss out on the beauty, joy or love right before your eyes.

Walking Meditation

Meditation has been proven to not only calm and relax but decrease blood pressure, reduce pain, hot flashes and a myriad of other physical issues. Unfortunately, some people think they cannot practice this form of stress management because they fear they cannot sit still. Maybe walking meditation is a solution for them. It’s best done outdoors for at least 20 minutes, paying full attention to your breathing, walking in a relaxed, slow pace, noticing the sensations of your body as you walk. It is a little more involved, but that is the quick version. Have you ever tried it? Did you enjoy it?

Serve from the Kitchen & Eat Less

Keep the food on the counter or stove in the kitchen and fill your plate from there. Bringing the food into the dining room will likely mean a 19% increase in the amount of food that you will consume. According to Brian Wansink, PhD, author of Mindless Eating, having food at least 6 feet away gives us a chance to stop and ask if we are really hungry enough to go back for more. Better to be mindful…