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Slow Does Win… In Health

Although it may sound counterproductive, slowing down will actually help you to accomplish more. We seem to go-go-go from morning till night and still not complete everything we’d like and living at that frenetic pace eventually takes a toll on your health. Instead, try a deceleration in important areas first, like eating, cleaning, spending time with family or any others that you typically rush through quickly. You’ll feel calmer, in control and more productive. Where can you SLOW down?


Are You Enjoying Right Now?

Much of our tension and worry is based on our future-focused thoughts. What if this happens? I can’t stop thinking about ___. Worries about finances, our children, job security and a myriad of other anxiety-producing issues are all because we focus on the “what-ifs” and imagine the worst possible scenarios. What if… instead of doing that, you focus all of your energy and attention on what is happening right NOW. Otherwise, you may miss out on some amazing moments. Expend your energy here, right now and worry about what ifs, IF they ever happen. Are you present-time focused?

Energy and Mood Boosting Fruit

To get a quick mood boost, try a sniff of any citrus fruit, citrus-scented perfume or oil. Oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines and grapefruits give off the pleasant and distinctive scent that research shows can improve mood and enhance energy levels. My favorite all-natural cleaner is orange-scented from orange oil. Do you have any favorite perfumes or body lotions that are citrus-scented?

Sleepless Nights

While we all have those nights when something disturbs our normal sleep pattern, some have frequent difficulty sleeping. And if they are light sleepers, every noise arouses them when they do drift off. If you have a loved one who suffers nightly, you may want to buy this holiday gift: Brookstone’s Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound Therapy System. Not a typical white noise machine, it’s based on over 20 years of scientific research to help you achieve deeper states of sleep. Although it’s not cheap at $129.95, the reviews are almost all 5 stars and the technology is quite convincing.

Orange Energizer

If all the holiday shopping, card writing (does anyone still do that?), meal planning and family visit coordination has you exhausted, boost your energy with the color orange. If you just don’t like the way you look in the color, wear it as an accent. If wearing it is not happening for you, use an orange-colored pen, place an orange on your desk, use an orange mug for your tea or coffee… you get the idea. Since we know colors can affect mood, take advantage of orange’s energizing ability and become invigorated.

Afternoon Energy Slump

It strikes about the same time every day… 2-4 pm. Your energy is wearing down and you are craving something sweet to eat to keep your head from dropping on your desk. Research shows this is the time that we have a mini-dip in core body temperature, similar to the bigger one we experience at night. To combat this, eat protein and fiber for lunch, take an energy break (stretches, quick walk, flight of stairs) and plan a complex carb and protein snack- whole wheat crackers and peanut butter, string cheese and fruit.

Relax and Unwind

After the long weekend, if your work day was non-stop, playing catch-up and stressing you out, don’t take that home with you. Do brief 10 minute stretches, walks or stairs during break time or right after work. Take 5 deep belly breaths every hour to slow down your autonomic nervous system. Tonight before you go to bed, try this yoga position (legs up wall pose) to relax you mind and body- see photo -> close your eyes and breath deeply for a few minutes. What else do you do to unwind after a busy day?