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Moving My Blog!!

I want to thank you all for reading and following my blog. I have moved my blog to worpress.org. The new url is http://www.inspiredhealthcoaching.com/2012/

Please join me there!!


Stress by Any Other Name

What do you really mean when you say you are stressed? Stress is this generic term that we have designated to a constellation of feelings that are not pleasant. It is easily understood by everyone and I am guilty of using it generically too. To solve the problem effectively, start by naming the feeling… anxious, angry, rushed, restless, worried, tense. The more clearly you can describe the feeling and situation, the better you can determine the cause and deal with it. Is it a relationship, financial or organizational issue? Or is it something else?

Turn Your Mood Around

If you are feeling overwhelmed at work (and we all have those days), you can make a few choices: you can moan and groan to your colleague, send a complaining text to your spouse or you can turn your mood around.
On your next break, listen to some upbeat music; at lunch, take a brisk walk outside, even if it’s cold; do some stretches and breathe; play a game on your phone (but keep track of your time) or call a friend to meet you after work for fun time to recharge. What works for you?

Loneliness Cure

When you’re feeling lonely and disconnected, a heating pad or warm bath just might be the cure. Research results from John A. Bargh and Idit Shalev of Yale University indicate that the early childhood experiences of physically being held close and psychological warmth of love, trust and support contribute to the tight connection to physical warmth. So turn on the warm shower and hop in. Have you used warming techniques to feel better?

Kissing or a Snack

If you are attempting to replace that evening snack with another “feel good” distraction, try kissing. Whenever we change a behavior that is done mostly out of habit or triggered by emotion, the best way to stop is to replace it with another healthier option. Eating provides a temporary good feeling but adds unnecessary calories. Kissing causes the release of oxytocin and endorphins. Smooch with your honey or child sound better than chips?

Random Acts of Kindness

This week is Random Acts of Kindness Week. Take a few minutes to write a note of appreciation to someone who has done kind things for you… your spouse, child, sibling, parent or friend. It may just make their day. List all the special things about that person that mean so much to you. Transform someone’s day from okay to A-Okay!! Who will you choose?

Comfort Food Substitution

If you are a comfort food overeater, reaching for food when upset, anxious, worried or sad, what do you do instead of eating when you have those uncomfortable feelings? This is the #1 reason so many people continue to depend on food to feel good. First of all, it does make you feel better… temporarily. But then you may feel guilt, shame or frustration. The answer lies in finding a healthy way to manage the oncoming feeling without food. What can you do in place of eating… that you would also enjoy.