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Diets Don’t Work

Open up any magazine, especially the ones targeting women, and you will find the perfect diet. Even physicians have bought into the concept of eating “special” food to lose weight. Anyone who is overweight, eats more than they’d like, craves sugar or other foods will never be successful long-term from dieting. That’s why we still have so many overweight people. There is NO magic pill. I lived it, learned it and now teach it. I’d love to hear what you think…


Is FLAB Sabotaging Your Eating?

Don’t let FLAB sabotage your efforts to eat healthy foods and listen to your true physical hunger. Before you eat, ask yourself if you are Frustrated, Lonely, Anxious or Bored? Eating in response to an emotion will not satisfy your “hunger” and relieves the unpleasant emotion only temporarily. After, you may feel frustrated for consuming extra, unnecessary calories and the cycle begins. If you answered Yes to the question, what could you do instead of eating?

Mindful Eating or Diets

Do you have rules about how much to eat, when to eat and how much you should weigh or do you listen to your body? Mindful eating is about attention and intention… paying close attention to your hunger signals and stopping when just full enough and the intention of fully enjoying each bite. No strict rules, measurements, scales… yet if you need to lose weight, you do. Which sounds better to you? Dieting or mindful eating?

Best Food for Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is to satisfy a need other than hunger, but before you grab any sweet or salty snack, follow the advice offered by Michelle May, MD. Ask yourself the Four-Really Test: Do I really, really, really, really want this? If you do, eat it bite by bite, ever so slowly, enjoying it’s taste, texture and aroma. If you eat something you don’t really want, you’ll eat more of it because it’s not satisfying. What is your favorite feel-good food?

Grocery Shopping

When you go into the grocery store and push the cart down the aisles, are you filling it with whatever strikes your fancy at that moment, or are you choosing the foods that will nourish your body AND taste good? Many of us buy out of habit, emotional needs, food industry advertising, visual triggers from seeing “tempting” junk food and just because. When we plan and go with a list, we can still buy food we enjoy, but not get pulled into the trap of environmental cues to overeating and cravings. Which type of shopper are you?

Clench Your Fist and Cut the Cravings

As you are craving that yummy piece of chocolate cake, try clenching your fist and tightening your arm muscles. A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research done at the University of Chicago, indicated that muscle tightening when aligned with your goals (healthier eating) helps with self-control dilemmas. The authors of the study state that the mind-body are so closely tied together that engaging these bodily actions can serve as a non-conscious source to recruit willpower. Interesting concept! If you have sugar cravings, give it a try.

Weekend Food Binge

If you eat healthy all week and then overeat on the weekends, either because of social events or because you are rewarding yourself for “being good all week”, data has shown that overeating for even short periods of time can have a long-term effect on weight. Plan your eating strategy in advance when you have a social outing and reward yourself with a non-food pleasure. What special things can you do to reward yourself?