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Relax with Yoga

Some people begin yoga for the health benefits and some for the calming, relaxing effect. I find yoga to be almost like a meditative practice. I gain strength, flexibility and relaxation. It can be intimidating to those who have never tried it… looking at photos of people twisted like pretzels, especially for men. It’s more important to honor your body and only do what is comfortable for you. If you’re not ready to start a class, try a video in the comfort of your home. Yoga for Stress Relief & Flexibility by Ashley Turner gives clear instruction and her voice is so calming. Have you tried yoga and did it relax you?


Turn Your Mood Around

If you are feeling overwhelmed at work (and we all have those days), you can make a few choices: you can moan and groan to your colleague, send a complaining text to your spouse or you can turn your mood around.
On your next break, listen to some upbeat music; at lunch, take a brisk walk outside, even if it’s cold; do some stretches and breathe; play a game on your phone (but keep track of your time) or call a friend to meet you after work for fun time to recharge. What works for you?

The 2012 Health Shift

What is one change you can make in 2012 that will move you towards a healthier lifestyle? What one thing can you do that will make you feel better? Remember to make it something you can incorporate into your life as a daily practice, not for 2 weeks. Start simple, such as a nutritious breakfast everyday that you really enjoy… maybe a breakfast burrito with eggs, salsa, low-fat cheese in a whole wheat wrap. Or taking 5 minutes everyday to practice mindfulness meditation. What will be your investment in your health?

Stress Backache

If you’ve been experiencing a backache, chronic stress could be the cause. Unless you have done something to injure your back, it may be the response of your back muscles to tension. Instead of their normal contracting and relaxing state, when you are tense, muscles can contract tightly causing spasms. When you are stressed, you also deal with pain less effectively. Besides relaxation techniques (always important), walking will help alleviate the discomfort.

Exercise Just 15 Minutes a Day

Can you find 15 minutes in your day to exercise? What if you knew that it meant an increase in the length of your life? According to a study published in The Lancet, researchers in Taiwan found exactly this to be the case. Chi-Pang Wen of the Institute of Population Science at Taiwan’s National Health Research Institutes followed 400,000 men and women over 8 years to determine that physical activity just 15 minutes a day lengthens lifespan. What can you do for 15 minutes each day?

Yoga Fires Up Your Desire

We usually think of the benefits of yoga as flexibility, strength, posture, calm, concentration and decrease in blood pressure and heart rate, but what you may not know is it can enhance you sex life too. Research published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that it strengthens muscle tone and increases blood flow. Shown here is the Triangle Pose for pelvic muscle strengthening. Proper form and breathing are important too.

Stay Sharp

For any of you with family members or friends that suffer from Alzheimer’s or Dementia, you know the devastating symptoms and impact on the rest of the family. The National Institute of Health’s National Institute of Aging identify certain risk factors such as age and genetics, that are out of a person’s control. However, there are several areas that we can modify that may help prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The first is diet: lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, omega 3 fatty acids (nuts, olives) and less red meat and dairy. If you follow the Mediterranean diet, you are right on target. Secondly, exercise is essential, so keep moving. Whether you walk, golf, practice Tai Chi, swim – make exercise part of your lifestyle. Next, stimulate your mind: do crossword puzzles, play challenging video games, learn something new. Do not allow your mind to stagnate – if you don’t use it, you will lose it. And lastly, remain socially active, don’t isolate. Surround yourself with family and friends, engage and interact.