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Preplan your meals before you go grocery shopping. Menu planning takes the stress out of what to cook and keeps your food intake on track.


If you want to make using your pedometer even more effective, keep track daily of your steps in an exercise journal and set a goal- 10,000?

Peanut butter is a healthy food, but does yours have added sweeteners, hydrogenated vegetable oils or mono- & diglycerides? Check the label.


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Did you wake up in a good mood ready to greet the day? As my wise brother says, every day you wake up is a good day! Enjoy it…

Begin your meal with a cup of broth-based soup full of veggies. It will decrease the total number of calories you take in at your meal.

Snacking on a apple (low calorie, high fiber) 15 minutes before a meal fills you up and leaves less room for high-calorie food.