Monthly Archives: August 2011

Exercise Just 15 Minutes a Day

Can you find 15 minutes in your day to exercise? What if you knew that it meant an increase in the length of your life? According to a study published in The Lancet, researchers in Taiwan found exactly this to be the case. Chi-Pang Wen of the Institute of Population Science at Taiwan’s National Health Research Institutes followed 400,000 men and women over 8 years to determine that physical activity just 15 minutes a day lengthens lifespan. What can you do for 15 minutes each day?


Taking Charge of Your Eating Environment

Environmental cues trigger even the most determined person to eat when not hungry. Is it at the same time every day or when you are doing the same thing, like watching TV? Changing our pattern of behavior, as well as the room we are in, will help move us to a new routine. If you come home and go directly into the kitchen, change the room. Make food in the living room off limits, eating snacks only in the kitchen. Once you become aware of the pattern, you can take charge. What can you do to be in charge?

Weekend Food Binge

If you eat healthy all week and then overeat on the weekends, either because of social events or because you are rewarding yourself for “being good all week”, data has shown that overeating for even short periods of time can have a long-term effect on weight. Plan your eating strategy in advance when you have a social outing and reward yourself with a non-food pleasure. What special things can you do to reward yourself?

Relax with Nature Sounds

We knew that looking at scenes of nature was relaxing but adding sounds of nature, such as water and singing birds, boosts improvement after stressful situations. The study was documented in The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health and concludes that pleasant nature sounds provided faster recovery after psychological stress. That may be the reason that the machines that simulate nature sounds sell so well. Do you have one?

Mirror Eating

Single people don’t have this issue, but after marriage or living together, we begin to eat like our partners. So if your guy eats big greasy burgers and fries and shuns veggies, you begin to mirror this eating pattern. If you were a very healthy eater, will your spouse begin to mirror your eating? Yes, we do mirror each other to a degree. Again, it’s all about awareness… if you consciously stick to your healthy eating and resolve not to pick up your honey’s habits, he/she may pick up some of your good ones! If you have children, what do you want to model for them??

Preserving Muscle with Protein

Eating protein and fiber with each meal is a recommendation that I make for everyone that provides a feeling of fullness. A study done at the University of Illinois published in The Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, suggests that eating protein may preserve muscle loss in dieting postmenopausal women. It helps keep the amount of fat in relation to muscle in better proportion. The study also indicated that the increased muscle improved balance and performance. What are your favorite sources of protein?

Contagious Positive People

Surrounding yourself with positive people will help keep you positive. According to Adolpho Cotter of NeuroImage, positive emotions are contagious because of “mirror neurones” that let us feel what others are feeling. Do you want to hang out with positive or negative people? We all have those family and friends in our lives that complain about something, everything and have difficulty finding the good. I choose to spend my time with those that are grateful for life’s small gifts. How about you?