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Stress by Any Other Name

What do you really mean when you say you are stressed? Stress is this generic term that we have designated to a constellation of feelings that are not pleasant. It is easily understood by everyone and I am guilty of using it generically too. To solve the problem effectively, start by naming the feeling… anxious, angry, rushed, restless, worried, tense. The more clearly you can describe the feeling and situation, the better you can determine the cause and deal with it. Is it a relationship, financial or organizational issue? Or is it something else?


Sleep Well Tonight

We all awaken several times during the night, but some of us aren’t even aware because we drift right back to sleep. But there are some who have difficulty getting back to sleep. Turn the clock away from your bed so you are not tempted to keep checking the time. Not only does this induce more anxiety about not being able to sleep, but it sends a signal to your brain to wake up. Better yet, keep it covered all the time to eliminate the glow of light that has been shown to alter the cycles of some light sleepers. What is your night-time sleep secret for better sleep?

Are You Enjoying Right Now?

Much of our tension and worry is based on our future-focused thoughts. What if this happens? I can’t stop thinking about ___. Worries about finances, our children, job security and a myriad of other anxiety-producing issues are all because we focus on the “what-ifs” and imagine the worst possible scenarios. What if… instead of doing that, you focus all of your energy and attention on what is happening right NOW. Otherwise, you may miss out on some amazing moments. Expend your energy here, right now and worry about what ifs, IF they ever happen. Are you present-time focused?