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Family and Friends

We have all heard the saying that no man is an island and those who surround themselves with friends and family enjoy both physical and emotional benefits. People who are socially engaged are happier, live longer and have better brain health. Having the love and support of family or close friends builds trust, encouragement, caring, empathy and a sense of comfort. When I am grieving, my honey gently holds me; when I need someone to listen to my chatter, my daughter is always there. Who is your anchor?


Laughter is the Best Medicine

What relieves physical tension, decreases stress hormones, triggers the release of endorphins and increases blood flow? Laughing! The positive benefits of a good laugh are so powerful that journalist and author Norman Cousins watched Marx brothers movies as part of his recovery program, stating that a belly laugh gave him 2 hours of pain-free sleep. Besides watching funny movies, what makes you laugh?

Acupuncture and Stress Relief

Stress relief, improved sleep, help with physical and emotional pain. What could possible provide all that? Acupuncture! According to a news report, the Salvation Army has set up a tent in Joplin that provides free acupuncture and acupressure for exactly that. They are using 5 specific points that have been used by the military that have been proven to relieve stress and trauma. They also have massage therapy. Have you ever tried acupuncture?

Finding Inner Calm

Part of finding more peace and inner calm in your life is surrounding yourself with people who are positive. You may work with some colleagues who thrive on gossip or negativity, but gravitate to you for friendship. Or you may have some family members who always see the glass as half empty and find the black cloud in every situation. While it’s difficult when it’s a close family member, cultivate more positive friendships and spend less and less time with the negative friends. You will see a profound difference. Who is your positive-minded friend?

Pet Stress Relief

Who do you turn to when you need support and comfort in a stressful situation? If you answered your spouse or best friend, and you’re a pet-owner, you might want to try your dog or cat instead. In a study done by Karen Allen PhD, SUNY Buffalo and James Blascovich PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara, pets can decrease stress better than a spouse or friend. Heart rate and blood pressure significantly decreased during a stressful event in the presence of their pets. Interestingly, for non-pet owners, there was no difference in response between support conditions (friend, spouse, friend and spouse). If you are a pet-owner, does your pet help calm and relax you? (Photo courtesy of http://realdealondogs.wordpress.com/)