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Stress by Any Other Name

What do you really mean when you say you are stressed? Stress is this generic term that we have designated to a constellation of feelings that are not pleasant. It is easily understood by everyone and I am guilty of using it generically too. To solve the problem effectively, start by naming the feeling… anxious, angry, rushed, restless, worried, tense. The more clearly you can describe the feeling and situation, the better you can determine the cause and deal with it. Is it a relationship, financial or organizational issue? Or is it something else?


Stop Worrying

Round and round your head they go… thoughts and worries just keep swirling, preventing you from focusing on anything. When you are having one of those days when no solution makes a clear entrance into your scattered mind… STOP. The uncomfortable feeling from the anxiety over what to do next can be short-circuited if you sit down and write out your thoughts/worries on paper: pros and cons, research needed yet, resources on hand, etc. The process of writing out your thoughts helps to clarify and organize the jumble in your head. How do you manage those days?

Fix Your Worries

If you are a chronic worrier, take charge of your worries by making a list of your biggest worries and putting them into 2 categories: solvable or unsolvable. The solvable ones you can brainstorm and take productive action; you have the power to make changes. But the unsolvable just waste your energy. Instead of worrying, embrace your feelings (i.e. anger, fear) and challenge the anxious thoughts that lead to your worrying. Which list is bigger… solvable or unsolvable?

Worry Jar

If worrying keeps you up at night, following this tip from an expert may help ease some of your concerns. Martin Rossman, MD, author of The Worry Solution suggests creating a worry jar, writing down each distressing thought on slips of paper and dropping them into your special “worry” jar before going to sleep. He advises you will be able to let go of those worries for a while so you can sleep. Sounds like great advice.