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The Snack Attack Hour

Do you know what time of day is the most likely time you’ll eat sugary snacks or some kind of junk food? 3:00 pm… Your energy is waning and a candy bar would boost it up, wouldn’t it? Don’t send your blood sugar spiking, only to have it nose dive, leaving you feeling worse. Keep nuts and fruit in your desk for a quick snack… protein and fiber. What else could you plan for a snack?


Pantry Purge Your Way Healthy Eating

While you’re running errands and doing chores this weekend, add a pantry purge to your list. Get rid of all the junk food that triggers your overeating. Replace the foods with healthy choices that are either not processed or minimally processed, such as whole grain crackers, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, beans, salsa and popcorn kernels for air popping. Do the same for your fridge and freezer. Your physical environment is key to your success in eating healthier. What satisfying, good-tasting snacks could you add to your fridge/freezer?

Pack the Goodies Away

Food is very abundant throughout the holidays making consuming healthy portions tougher. Do you have candy dishes on display “for company” or plates of cookies for visiting relatives? In studies done by Brian Wansink PhD, of Cornell Food and Brand Lab, visible food triggers are difficult to resist. Unless you want to battle and overeat, don’t leave the food out. Package it up and store it away until company comes to visit. Making it a little less convenient to munch on junk food will save you calories.