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Is FLAB Sabotaging Your Eating?

Don’t let FLAB sabotage your efforts to eat healthy foods and listen to your true physical hunger. Before you eat, ask yourself if you are Frustrated, Lonely, Anxious or Bored? Eating in response to an emotion will not satisfy your “hunger” and relieves the unpleasant emotion only temporarily. After, you may feel frustrated for consuming extra, unnecessary calories and the cycle begins. If you answered Yes to the question, what could you do instead of eating?


Best Food for Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is to satisfy a need other than hunger, but before you grab any sweet or salty snack, follow the advice offered by Michelle May, MD. Ask yourself the Four-Really Test: Do I really, really, really, really want this? If you do, eat it bite by bite, ever so slowly, enjoying it’s taste, texture and aroma. If you eat something you don’t really want, you’ll eat more of it because it’s not satisfying. What is your favorite feel-good food?