Monthly Archives: January 2012

Sleep-inducing Ear Rubbing

If you’re lying in bed attempting to drift off to dream land after a very hectic, harried day, you may want to try this technique. The ears have reflexology points, like feet that correspond to body parts. Rubbing your ears can be very calming, relaxing and help you to sleep. Using your thumb and index fingers, gently rub your ears for 1-2 minutes from top to bottom. Bonus: add some deep belly breathing. See you in the morning…


Pantry Purge Your Way Healthy Eating

While you’re running errands and doing chores this weekend, add a pantry purge to your list. Get rid of all the junk food that triggers your overeating. Replace the foods with healthy choices that are either not processed or minimally processed, such as whole grain crackers, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, beans, salsa and popcorn kernels for air popping. Do the same for your fridge and freezer. Your physical environment is key to your success in eating healthier. What satisfying, good-tasting snacks could you add to your fridge/freezer?

Lose Weight the French Way

The French eat rich foods and drink lots of wine, yet don’t gain weight. Do you want to know their secrets? They focus on quality not quantity. Their portions are smaller, their food is fresh from local markets and they sit down to each meal to actually focus on the food and take their time. No rushing for them. Americans typically eat huge portions of processed food while watching TV, using the computer or cell phone and so quickly they hardly remember what they ate. Which one sounds most appealing to you?

Slow Does Win… In Health

Although it may sound counterproductive, slowing down will actually help you to accomplish more. We seem to go-go-go from morning till night and still not complete everything we’d like and living at that frenetic pace eventually takes a toll on your health. Instead, try a deceleration in important areas first, like eating, cleaning, spending time with family or any others that you typically rush through quickly. You’ll feel calmer, in control and more productive. Where can you SLOW down?

Capturing Your Best Ideas

Have you ever noticed that your best ideas pop into your head when you’re not in a position to write them down? You may be in the shower, taking the dog for a walk or lying in a backyard hammock. Stress blocks the creative flow but being relaxed without the demands and distractions opens up the connection. I like to be prepared for the moments of clarity with a small notebook and pen and keep them everywhere. What do you use to capture your best ideas in quiet, relaxed moments?

Confident Posture = the Right Decision

Mom was right… good posture is important. But mom probably didn’t know all of the benefits. A study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, evaluated the role of slouching (doubtful posture) vs. sitting up straight (confident posture) and determined that sitting upright gave participants more confidence in decisions and direction of thoughts. So when you have important decisions to make or want to feel more self-assured, check your posture. Is your spine straight, feet on the floor, chest out, shoulders back?

Is FLAB Sabotaging Your Eating?

Don’t let FLAB sabotage your efforts to eat healthy foods and listen to your true physical hunger. Before you eat, ask yourself if you are Frustrated, Lonely, Anxious or Bored? Eating in response to an emotion will not satisfy your “hunger” and relieves the unpleasant emotion only temporarily. After, you may feel frustrated for consuming extra, unnecessary calories and the cycle begins. If you answered Yes to the question, what could you do instead of eating?