Whole Grains or Gluten-Free

Whole grains have gotten some negative press and there has been a big push towards gluten-free. While I agree that those who suffer from celiac disease should definitely stay away from gluten, whole grains provide excellent vitamins and minerals and are slowly digested. Give me a couple of slices of Ezekiel’s sprouted grain bread with a bowl of homemade minestrone soup and I’m a happy woman. What do you think about whole grains? Do you stay away from them?


7 responses to “Whole Grains or Gluten-Free

  1. inspiredhealthcoach

    Thanks Guro Stuan!

  2. inspiredhealthcoach

    Thanks PhotoBotos!

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  4. I. Like. Bread. I think that puts me into a minority group… 😉

    • inspiredhealthcoach

      Well then you can join me in that minority group, Happy Runner! Those whole grains give our body’s good stuff!

  5. inspiredhealthcoach

    Thanks 400daystil40!

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