Doorway Memory Loss

How many times have you walked into a room and when you got there, you couldn’t remember why? That has happened to me so many times that I was beginning to think that I was losing my memory! Good news for anyone else who has experienced these episodes. Gabriel Radvansky, PhD of Notre Dame published a study in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. Professor Radvansky states that exiting or entering through a doorway serves as an “event boundary” in our mind which separates episodes of activity and files them away. I apparently have a darn good file system. Have you experienced this and what did you think it was from?


2 responses to “Doorway Memory Loss

  1. I have an open plan kitchen/living room. Sometimes this happens to me when I enter the kitchen area. I guess it’s not just the doorway, but any perceived entry to a different room or area,

    • inspiredhealthcoach

      You are probably right and I’m guessing the study author would agree with you. The premise was about transitioning from one room to another causing the change in thought pattern to “store” in your memory file. The doorway was just the visual image shifting. You are able to perceive the room change without the actual doorway!

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