Savor the Flavor

Did you know that the first few bites of your food are the most flavorful? Depending on the food and your hunger, the level of satisfaction diminishes after a few bites. Try this… take a small bite of a food, chew slowly, while savoring the flavor and texture. As you continue to take small bites, carefully notice any change in flavor. We usually eat too quickly to notice this change. This will help to limit overeating and adds enjoyment to meals. What favorite food will you try this with first ______?


7 responses to “Savor the Flavor

  1. SALMON! Too bad even though I slow down and savor… I still eat everything on my plate. LOL

    • inspiredhealthcoach

      Well GiGi, maybe that was the exact size of salmon for your hunger. Or that’s your trigger food… Glad you enjoyed it though.

  2. inspiredhealthcoach

    Thanks creativenoshing!

  3. inspiredhealthcoach

    Thanks PhotoBotos!

  4. inspiredhealthcoach

    Thanks Happy Runner!

  5. inspiredhealthcoach

    Thanks AMSDaily!

  6. inspiredhealthcoach

    Thanks Malia M.!

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